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Organic Whey Protein, 250g, Unflavoured

Organic Whey Protein

Two New Flavours - Banana and Strawberry

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  • Toote kirjeldus

    Myprotein’s Organic Whey is obtained from strictly controlled, certified organic dairies. Manufactured in the grassy plains of Southern Austria, our cows are given full freedom to explore and roam the fields enveloping their dwellings.

    Fed entirely on rich, green pastures, our cows whey is then ultra-filtered, to ensure exceptional product quality. With a particularly high level of functionality, Organic Whey can be successfully used in many food applications.

    With a deliciously creamy flavour, Myprotein’s Organic whey is wonderful to taste even without flavouring.  Free from any artificial ingredients, sweeteners or soy, Myprotein’s Organic Whey is as happy as the cows it came from.

    With 20g of protein per serving, Myprotein’s Organic Whey will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. It will also contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

    Please note that the labelling on this product is provided in English as a minimum. French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Finnish may also be present on a product by product basis.

  • Soovitatav kasutamine

    We recommend mixing 1 large level scoop (25g) with 200ml of water or milk in a Myprotein shaker before and/or after your workout. Alternatively consume any time of the day to increase your daily protein intake.

    Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This product is intended to be used alongside an active lifestyle and a balanced diet. Suitable for vegetarians.

  • Koostis

    For allergens see ingredients in bold. May also contain soy and egg.

    Unflavoured: Organic Whey (Milk) Protein Concentrate (100%).

    Banana Flavour: Organic Whey (Milk), Protein Concentrate, Organic Banana Powder (Air-dried), Natural Flavouring, 100% Organic Baobab Pulp Powder

    Strawberry Flavour: Organic Whey (Milk), Protein Concentrate , Organic Strawberry Powder (Freeze-dried), Natural Flavouring

  • Toitumisalane teave

    Serving Size - 1 Scoop (25g)

    Servings Per Container - 20 (500g)


    Nutritional Information

      Per 100g Per Serving
    Energy 1731 kJ/409 kcal 433 kJ/102 kcal
    Fat 4.5 g 1.1 g
      of which saturates 3.4 g 0.9 g
    Carbohydrates 12 g 3.0 g
      of which sugars 12 g 3.0 g
    Protein 80 g 20 g
    Salt 0.00 g 0.00 g


    Banana Flavour

    Nutritional Information

      Per 100g Per Serving
    Energy 1456 kJ/392 kcal 410 kJ/98 kcal
    Fat 3.4 g 0.9 g
      of which saturates 0.9 g 0.6 g
    Carbohydrates 28g 7.0 g
      of which sugars 19 g 4.6 g
    Protein 61 g 15 g
    Salt 0 g 0 g


    Strawberry Flavour

    Nutritional Information

      Per 100g Per Serving
    Energy 1456 kJ/348 kcal 364 kJ/87 kcal
    Fat 4.2 g 1.0 g
      of which saturates 2.8 g 0.7 g
    Carbohydrates 14 g 3.5 g
      of which sugars 9.7 g 2.4 g
    Protein 65 g 16 g
    Salt 0 g 0 g
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